North Penn School Tax Installment Payment Option

This year, the North Penn School District Board of Directors voted to continue the tax bill installment program with six (6) payments.

Pursuant to the Taxpayer Relief Act, 53 P.S. Section 6926.1502, taxpayers are given the option to use the installment payment program option.


Anyone taking part in the installment plan must have the first installment payment made by 7/31/2021.


  • Installment payments equate to the FACE amount on the bill and DO NOT offer the 2 percent discount.
  • Payment of Installment #1 must be made by 7/31/2021 to ensure enrollment in the plan.
  • Installment payments are permitted ONLY if the taxpayer elects by paying the first installment payment by 7/31/2021.
  • A taxpayer electing the installment option may pay the real estate tax in six (6) equal installment payments of one-sixth (1/6) of the full FACE tax amount. 
  • Installments are due on or before 7/31/20218/31/20219/30/202110/31/2021, 11/30/2021 and 12/15/2021.
  • If the taxpayer fails to make the first installment payment by 7/31/2021, then the discount amount, which is the face amount less 2 percent, is due by 8/31/2021, or the amount of the entire tax bill is due on or before 10/31/2021 at the face amount. 
  • The tax bill will be delinquent if not paid in full on or before 10/31/2021 and a 5 percent penalty will be applied.
  • If the taxpayer makes the first installment payment by 7/31/2021 and fails to pay any subsequent installment by the installment due date, the installment not paid by the due date is delinquent. Furthermore, a penalty will be added to the installment payment in the amount of 5 percent of the amount not paid by the due date.
  • If the sixth (6th) installment payment is not received by 12/15/2021, a 5 percent penalty will be assessed on the FACE amount indicated on the tax bill. 
  • All unpaid taxes will be turned over to Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau after 12/31/2021.